In 2011, the Government and the Road Safety Authority (RSA) changed the licencing process for young drivers by bringing in the Essential Driver Training (EDT) Programme.

All new learner drivers are required to complete 12 x one hour lessons before they can apply for their driving test. As part of the EDT programme, students must complete an EDT logbook which is signed off after each lesson by a qualified ADI driving instructor.  The Road Safety Authority recommend that all 12 EDT lessons be spread out over a period of 6 months and that students get lots of practice by driving with an insured sponsor. 

Our business the Irish school of excellence has been built up over the past 22 years and our programme has enjoyed a lot of success in schools.  Our programme was developed long before the EDT was launched and many of the principles that we started out with are now used as part of the EDT. Schools know and trust us to deliver a quality driver education programme and this is reflected in the amount of repeat business we get every year.

The Irish School of Excellence runs the largest driver education programme for secondary schools in Ireland.  Established by Kieran O’Brien in 2000, the programme was developed to teach students the fundamentals of driving and to foster responsible attitudes and driving behaviours. The programme is delivered in post primary schools nationwide by qualified ADI driving instructors and to 30,000 transition year and leaving certificate students each year.